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Video Alarms Portal
Video Alarms Portal

Not sure where to start with Solink Video Alarms? Check out this guide to learn more.

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Solink offers an Alarms feature to help further protect your business from theft or any suspicious activity. When movement is detected in a specific area of your business during a certain period of time or when the alarm has been manually armed, Solink sends a notification via text message or email with a link to the relevant video clip.

You can designate a contact to receive an alarm notification; this allows the contact to review alarm-triggering incidents and act accordingly.

See the sections below for additional resources and links to video alarm help articles.

Available Alarm Subscriptions

There are two subscription levels for video alarms:

  • Self-Serve: This is the default alarm service provided to Solink users. You are permitted to assign one alarm contact at this level. This alarm contact is responsible for responding to alarms and dispatching emergency services, if necessary

  • Alarms Monitoring: Solink offers an additional subscription to an Alarm Monitoring service. This subscription provides you with monitoring agents who review each alarm and contact your alarm contacts only when necessary. You are permitted to assign up to three alarm contacts per location. For more information about purchasing a subscription to Alarm Monitoring, please contact our sales team at 1-888-817-6546.

You can confirm which level of alarm service you are subscribed to via Alarm Configurations > Settings.


First-Time Setup

If you have never set up a video alarm through Solink, follow along with these topics first to set up your alarm system:

Use and Configure Video Alarms

Once you have completed the alarm setup process, you can configure the system to your liking and begin using video alarms. See the articles below to learn how to use video alarms and configure them.

Video Alarms on Mobile Apps

See the following articles for information on how to use video alarms on the Solink mobile apps:

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions for Video Alarms.


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