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Alarm Audit Events

Automatically generate events when a user arms or disarms an alarm.

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Alarm Audit Events allow you to track when certain alarm-related tasks occur in your Solink account.

When a user performs a specific action on the Alarms page (actions outlined in this article further below), an event is automatically generated and can be viewed via Events > Audit tab:

Helpful information is included in the alarm event, such as the email of the user who triggered the event, the user type (Admin or Standard) and the platform the user was on (web, mobile app, etc.):


Note: Ensure to enable Alarm Audit Events in order to automatically generate these events when a user performs an alarm action. See How to Enable Alarm Audit Events for more information.

The following alarm actions generate an audit event automatically on the Events page.

Audit events are created when a user performs any of these actions on web, iOS (including geo-fencing) or Android devices:

Note: For more information on arming and disarming Solink alarms, click here.

Professionally Monitored Video Alarms: Audit Events

See Alarm Events with Video Verification for information on how to review audit events for Professionally Monitored Video Alarms.


How to Enable Alarm Audit Events

To enable audit events for a specific user, you must turn on the following user permission: Show Audit Events.


Once this user permission is set to On, the user can view audit events on the Events page when they are generated.

For information on how to configure user permissions, see User Permissions.

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