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Alarm Guest Access

Provide temporary access to a location during a scheduled alarm period.

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The Guest Access feature allows to provide an individual with access to your business during an alarm period. For instance, if a contractor is required to enter the business during an alarm period for cleaning, maintenance, etc., they can be provided temporary access for a short period of time without triggering a video alarm.

Watch the following video for a quick overview of how to configure Guest Access:

Assign Guest Access

There are two main methods to assign guest access to an individual.

To add guest access during the initial Alarm Setup process:

  1. Select the Alarm Configurations tab on the Alarms page.

  2. Select Add Guest Access if you have not yet enabled guest access. Otherwise, select Add within the Guest Access panel:


  3. Type the name of the person you want to assign guest access to and their phone number (the guest receives an access code via text message to their phone).

  4. Set whether the code expires after a specific day or if it does not expire:


    Note: If you choose to set an expiry date for the access code, the guest's access code expires at the end of the chosen day.

  5. Select Save.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, the guest immediately receives an SMS message directly to their phone with a 6-digit access code.

Note: A guest access code is tied to a single phone and cannot be used on another phone.

The second method to add guest access is from the Access Codes tab on the Alarms page:


From here, select the +Add button and complete the same process listed above to assign guest access to a new user.

Edit Guest Access

You add or edit guest access from the Access Codes tab on the Alarms page. You can edit guest access with the following actions:

  • Resend: Resend the guest access code to the guest. They will receive the code immediately via SMS.

  • Revoke: Revoke guest access to the location. Their code will no longer work and will display as Expired on the Access Codes page. You can grant guest access again via the Edit Access menu (select Edit, then under Expiry change the expiry date or choose Does not expire. Then select Resend Access Code).

  • Remove: Delete the guest from the system. The contact's information is deleted from the page.

You can perform each of these actions by selecting the corresponding checkbox for a user and then select one of the buttons at the top of the Access Code page:


You can also select the Edit button corresponding to the contact to edit guest access expiry, revoke access, remove access or resend the access code:


Disarm Alarm as a Guest

When the guest needs to access the building, they must reply to the number that originally sent the access code. To disarm the alarm, the guest needs to text their access code to the Solink SMS number. An example of the initial text message sent by Solink with the guest access code is displayed below:


Once the guest has received this text message with the code, they can text the code to disarm the system (shown in the image below):


The alarm is disarmed for two hours from the time the guest disarms the alarm system. The alarm re-arms after this two hour period.

If the guest requires more than two hours, they can text the access code to the same phone number to extend the time by another two hours beyond the current time.

Note: A guest requires physical access to the location, such as a physical key to unlock a door. Guest access only allows the guest to change the alarm status. The guest cannot gain physical entry to the building with only a Solink guest access code.

Re-Arm Alarm as a Guest

It is recommended to re-arm the alarm once the guest has left the building and no longer needs access to the location. To re-arm the alarm, the guest needs to text their access code to the Solink SMS, followed by the word "ARM"; for example 123456 ARM:


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