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Self-Monitored+ is a tier of Solink Video Alarms that adds an AI detection model to your alarm system.

With Self-Monitored+, Solink's AI model reviews alarm events and determines if there is a person/people present in the footage:

  • If no person/people detected, the alarm is automatically closed and your alarm contacts are not notified.

  • If a person/people detected, an alarm is opened and the alarm contact is notified. From there, the alarm contact can review the alarm event and determine whether to dispatch police or dismiss and close the alarm.

Note: Self-Monitored+ supports indoor alarm cameras only.

AI Detection

Solink's AI model reviews each alarm as it is opened. You can check the event logs for each alarm event to better understand what happened, including:

  • On which cameras motion was detected;

  • Whether the AI determined if there was a person or no person.

You can review alarm events from the Alarms page > Recent Alarm Events tab > select Open or Closed to see alarm events:

Self-Monitored+ alarm events include the following information related to when motion was detected and on which cameras:

Note: The C=% number represents the level of "confidence" the AI has in determining whether a person is present in the camera footage. The higher the number, the more likely that a person is present in the footage. Lighting and camera image clarity can impact the AI confidence level.

Alarm Camera Limit

You can assign up to 5 cameras to use AI to review alarm footage. For more information on alarm camera limits, click here.

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