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Recent Updates

See a recap of the latest features we've added to Solink.

Troubleshooting and Technical Information

Learn how to troubleshoot a device or camera, or configure technical integrations with Solink.

Dashboard and Widgets

The Dashboard page consolidates customer transactions, discounts, refunds and motion detection statistics.


The Events page displays transaction and motion events as they occur.

Video Page

The Video page is the central hub for all of your cameras. Watch live & recorded video from across your locations.


Saved video clips are stored on the Clips page. All clips on this page are stored in the cloud and remain accessible past the retention period.


Activate and configure your Solink video alarm system to protect your property.

AI Features

Solink's Sidekick AI powers a variety of in-app features. Learn how to leverage our AI here.

Mobile Apps (iOS + Android)

Solink's mobile apps allow you to perform a wide variety of tasks directly on mobile devices.

Apple TV

Learn how to use the Solink app on your Apple TV.

POS System Guides

Learn how to get the most value out of your POS integration with Solink.


Configure settings for your Solink account.

Billing and Payments

Learn about payment methods Solink accepts and more.

API Documentation

Learn more about Solink's API here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some frequently asked questions

Tutorial Videos

A collection of tutorial videos from our Help Center.