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Video Alarms Monitoring
Video Alarms Monitoring Overview
Video Alarms Monitoring Overview

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Solink has partnered with a certified monitoring partner to provide Video Alarms Monitoring.

A trained Verification Agent reviews video footage in real time and determines whether there is a threat to person or property.

Terms and Definitions

Here are some terms we use in Video Alarms Monitoring:

  • Alarm Contact: Someone who is responsible as a point of contact for Solink’s Video Alarm Monitoring. Each location can have up to 5 Alarm Contacts. There is always a Primary Alarm Contact.

  • Verification Agent: A monitoring agent responsible for reviewing every video where motion is detected during an active alarm schedule. When reviewing a video their role is to answer the question, “Is there a threat to person or property?”.

  • Dispatch Agent: A monitoring agent responsible for dispatching police and contacting Alarm Contacts. After the Verification Agent reviews the video, and if it is not a false alarm, the Dispatch Agent handles all potential scenarios described below.

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