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Arm and Disarm (Video Alarm Tablet)
Arm and Disarm (Video Alarm Tablet)
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This article describes how to arm and disarm your Solink alarm system via the Solink Video Alarm Tablet. Click here for a guide on how to arm and disarm via the Solink platform.

Enter the correct 4-digit PIN number on the Solink Video Alarm tablet to arm or disarm the alarm system.

Take note of the following when arming:

  • When you arm the system, you have 30 seconds by default to leave the premises/camera view before the system fully arms:

  • You can configure the amount of time provided to leave the premises after arming, in seconds, under the Arm / Disarm Countdown (sec) field in the "Set up with Tablet" section:

Take note of the following when disarming:

  • When entering the premises to disarm the system, you are granted the same amount of time (the time defined by the Arm / Disarm Countdown field) to disarm before an alarm is triggered. A countdown sound plays once the system detects motion on any alarm camera. You must enter the correct PIN during this time or else an alarm is triggered:

Note: After arming or disarming, the amount of time the alarm system remains in that state is dependent on the hours you have configured in your alarm schedule (unless you arm/disarm the system indefinitely).

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