Configure user preferences and enable/disable support access from the Preferences page.

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The Preferences page in Solink Settings allows you to configure several different user settings. See the documentation below for more information.


User Preferences

The User Preferences section of the Preferences page in Settings allows you to enable/disable the following options:

Default Video Playing to HD

Enable this option to ensure videos play in HD by default.

Use 24 Hour Time Format

Enable this option to convert time measurement to a 24 hour format (0:00-24:00) throughout Solink. Disable this option to use a 12 hour format (AM/PM).

Automatically Update Widgets Data

Enable this option to automatically refresh the Dashboard page every five minutes. This ensures widget data stays up-to-date.

Show Event Progress Bar in Video Player

Enable this option to display the event progress bar in the video player. The event progress bar tracks the total duration of an event and shows the duration progress as the event plays. See the following GIF for an example of the event progress bar for a transaction event:

Show 360 De-Warp Toggle

Enable this option to display the Show Pinhole View toggler in the video player:


You can enable Show Pinhole View in the video player to switch a 360 camera display from de-warped view to pinhole view:

โ€‹360 Pinhole View:

360 De-Warped View:

Default 360 View in Multi-View

Select whether to open a 360 video in pinhole view or de-warped view by default when viewing multiple cameras at once. See Watch Multiple Cameras at Once for more information on multi-view.

Download Format

Select a video format for your downloaded videos. Options for downloaded video formats include:

  • MP4

  • AVI

  • TS

  • MKV

Heatmap Interval

The Heatmap Interval determines the amount of time taken to capture Heatmap motion. For example, if you choose 1 hour, the Heatmap will display motion visually an hour at a time.

You can choose from the following Heatmap time intervals:

  • 1 hour

  • 3 hours

  • 24 hours


For more information on how to use the Heatmap, see the Heatmap guide.

Support Access

You can enable Support Access to help our support team troubleshoot an issue you may experience.

Click here to learn more about Support Access.

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