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Android App Settings
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To access the Solink Android application settings, select the "gear" icon in the top-right of the app:


The following settings can be configured on the Solink Android app:

Default Tab

You can choose the default tab the app opens on whenever you launch the app. For example, if you choose the Live tab to be the default tab, the Solink app opens to the Live tab by default when you launch the app.

Default to HD Video

Toggle this option on if you want to ensure videos play in high-definition by default.

Note: Please ensure you have a fast internet upload speed in order to use this feature.

Number of Cameras on Live Tab

Choose the number of cameras to display at once when you select a location from the Live tab. Currently you can select to display the following number of cameras at once:

  • 2

  • 4

  • 6

  • 9

  • 16

If you select 6 for example, when you select a location from the Live tab and then tap on any camera, six cameras from that location play at once (as shown in the following image):


Overlay Details Over Video

Toggle this option on if you want to display transaction data over event videos:


Show Camera Previews

This option determines whether camera thumbnails display when you select a camera group or location from the Video or Live tabs. An example of a camera preview is shown in the following image:


360 Virtual Reality Mode

Select one of the following options to change the navigation style of your 360 cameras (if you have any):

  • Disabled: Your 360 cameras display in a static view and you cannot move the camera with motion or touch (example shown in the following image):

  • Motion: Rotate your mobile device to explore your 360 camera view.

  • Touch: Touch and drag the screen when viewing a 360 camera.

  • Touch and Motion: You can use both touch and motion functionality with your 360 camera views.

Heatmap Time Window

This option determines the time range that motion is captured and then displayed in the Heatmap.

The Heatmap can currently capture motion from the following time windows:

  • The past 20 minutes.

  • The past 1 hour.

  • The past 3 hours.

  • The past 24 hours.


Displays the current version number of the app. This can be helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable or disable two-factor authentication for the Solink Android app. For more information on two-factor authentication, click here.

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