See where motion occurs most in any of your cameras.

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The Heatmap feature allows you to see where motion occurs most frequently.

Rather than tracking temperature like a traditional heatmap, Solink's Heatmap feature uses similar colors to display where the most motion has occurred in a given camera. In the example below, the red areas represent high motion areas, followed by yellow and green for areas with less motion:

You can activate the Heatmap on any of your recorded footage (not live video). In the video player, select the Heatmap button to quickly see where motion most often occurs in that video:


Set Heatmap Interval

You can set the amount of time it takes to capture Heatmap motion and display it. Navigate to Settings > Preferences to set the Heatmap interval. Click here for more information.

Heatmap on Mobile Apps

For information on how to use Heatmap in the Solink mobile apps, see the following:

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