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Watch Multiple Cameras at Once (Multi-View)
Watch Multiple Cameras at Once (Multi-View)
Use multi-view to watch multiple cameras at the same time.
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You can view multiple cameras at the same time from Video the page.

Watching multiple cameras can help provide a clearer picture of what's happening at a given time at your location. For example, if you are watching one camera to monitor a theft that occurred at your business, you may want to have multiple cameras displayed at once to ensure you can track the thief as they move through the location.

Here is an example of what multi-view looks like:


See the following methods below to learn how you can watch multiple cameras at once.

How to Display Multiple Cameras: Method 1

If you want to select specific cameras to display at once, follow these steps:

  1. Select a camera thumbnail from the Video page (ensure it is a camera that you want to be displayed alongside other cameras at the same time).

  2. From the camera view, select the "arrow" icon located to the right of the camera view:


  3. A list of available cameras from the selected location or the selected folder appears:

  4. Hover over a camera thumbnail in the list and select Add Camera to add a camera to the view. You can add up to 6 cameras at once:

Note: From the camera list, camera thumbnails that are highlighted (orange border) indicate that the camera is included in the multi-view. See the section below to learn how to delete a camera from the multi-view.

Remove Cameras from Multi-View

There are two methods to delete a camera from the multi-view:

  1. Select the X icon in the top-right corner of a camera:


  2. Or, open the camera thumbnail list on the right side of the page (select the small arrow icon again to open or close this list). Then, hover over the camera you want to delete and select Remove Camera:


How to Display Multiple Cameras: Method 2

The second method to play multiple cameras at once allows you to quickly select one camera from the Video page and automatically open several more cameras alongside the one you selected.

From the video page, you can:

  1. Select a number next to Camera to Play (the number chosen indicates the number of cameras that will open in multi-view):

  2. Once you have selected the number, hover over a camera thumbnail. The number of "cameras to play" you previously selected are highlighted. The highlighted camera thumbnails will all open at the same time when you select the thumbnail:


Video Demo of Multi-View

Check out this video for a demo of how to watch multiple cameras:

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