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Camera Groups

Organize your cameras into groups on the Video page.

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Camera groups allow you to organize your cameras into one folder within the Solink platform.

Often times you have multiple cameras at one location and it can be hard to focus on a few cameras. You can create camera groups on the Video page to organize your cameras and view several of them all at once.

There are a few camera groups created by default as well, which include:

  • Favorites: You can favorite a camera and add it to the Favorites folder. On any camera, select Actions > Add to Group button and select the Favorites folder:


  • Recently Viewed: This folder contains cameras you have recently viewed.

Create New Camera Group

To create a new camera group:

  1. Navigate to the Video page in the Solink platform.

  2. Select the New Group button


  3. Enter a name for the camera group. For example, if you want to include only cameras of the cash register areas of your business, you could call the camera group “Cash Register Area”.

  4. Select Add to create the camera group.

Add Cameras to Camera Group

To add cameras to a camera group:

  1. Select the Select button:

  2. Select the cameras you want to add to a new or existing group.

  3. Select Add to Group:

  4. Choose whether you want to add the selected camera(s) to an existing group or a new group.

    1. Use the dropdown list to select an existing camera group to add the selected camera(s) to:

    2. Or select Add to New Group and type a name for the new camera group:

  5. If you are an Admin user, choose the camera group visibility.

  6. Select Save to add the camera(s) to an existing or new camera group.

Note: You can drag and drop cameras to rearrange them from the camera group page. The order that cameras appear on the camera group page determines which cameras you can view at once.

Check out this video on how to create a camera group for more information:

Camera Groups on Mobile Apps

For information on how to create, edit, delete and add users to camera groups in the Solink mobile apps, see the following:

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