Copy and Share Link to Camera

Share a link to a camera with another Solink user.

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You can share a link to the current camera you are viewing with another Solink user who has access to this camera. When the users clicks the link you shared, they are sent directly to the point in time on the camera you were viewing.

It is recommended to copy and share camera link if you wish to have another Solink user look at a camera at the exact point in time you viewed the footage. This can save you a bit of time if you do not want to save a clip of the point of interest.

To copy a video link to one of your cameras:

  1. Ensure you are viewing a camera from the Video page.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Highlight and copy the URL directly from your browser.


    • Select More > Copy Video Link in the video player.

  3. Paste the link in a private message and/or email to share a link to the camera.

Share Video Link on Mobile Apps

For information on how to share a video link from the Solink mobile apps, see the following:

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