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Camera Group Widget
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A Camera Group widget allows you to display camera thumbnails from one of your camera groups on the Dashboard page. This is helpful if you want to create a shortcut to important cameras, for instance.

The following image provides an example of a Camera Group widget that displays all cameras from the "Favorites" group:


To create a Camera Group widget, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose Data to Display

Choose a camera group to display cameras from that group in the widget. See Create Camera Groups for information on how to create a camera group.

Step 2: Graph Visuals and Comparison Settings

Use the Height and Width fields to set the size of the widget. A 1 by 1 widget is the default and appears as a square on the Dashboard page, but you can input different values to change the size of the widget on the screen.

Step 3: General Widget Settings

Fill out the following information:

  1. Type a Name for the widget. The name appears near the top of the widget.

  2. Select a Tag(s) for the widget. See Dashboard Pages for more information.

  3. Type a Description of the widget (optional). Description text appears near the bottom of the widget when you hover over the widget.

  4. Choose a visibility option for the widget:

    • Private: The widget is only visible on the user account that created the widget.

    • Public: The widget is visible to all Solink users within your company.

  5. Select Create Widget to create the widget. It then appears on the Dashboard page.

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