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Getting Started Guide

Learn how to get started with Solink right here.

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Congratulations on choosing Solink as your trusted security solution! Check out this article to jump into the basics of using our software.

We've included some helpful links to other articles to help you get you started as well.

We encourage you to watch the following video for a quick introduction to Solink:

Introductory Guides

If you haven't went through the onboarding process yet or you need to reference the onboarding guide, click here.

Check out these introductory "How to" articles to get you familiar with the basics:

What Can Solink Offer You?

Some of the most important features you can use right out of the box include:

  • Video Monitoring for Transactions - With video and transaction data combined, you can understand the context behind each transaction that occurs at your business. Whenever a transaction occurs, you'll have access to corresponding video footage in the form of an event. Access all of your events from the Events page in Solink.

  • Save and Share Video Clips - Save video footage from your locations and share it with others via URL or email.

  • Video Alarms - Track video motion during specified hours to protect your business and designate contacts to receive video alarm alerts.

  • Data-driven Reports - Display data from your video and POS systems on the Solink Dashboard.

Solink Demo (Browser Platform)

Solink's browser-based platform allows you to access, review and use video footage to protect your business and gain valuable data-driven insights. Check out the video below for a quick demo:

Get the Most from Solink

Regardless of industry, you can use Solink to save you time and money when it comes to protecting your people, patrons and profits.

For some ideas on how to get started using Solink in practice, see our Get the Most Out of Solink guide, complete with various use cases and video tutorials.

Once you are more familiar with Solink, you can conduct regular audits of your locations. Click here for more information on what an audit is and how you can use Solink to audit.

Live Monitor Overview

Are you using Solink live monitor? Learn more about how to use it here: Live Monitor Overview.

Tutorial Videos

Here are a few helpful tutorial videos to help you get familiar with some of the most important features available with Solink:

Keep Track of All of Your Locations with Solink

How to Spot Theft

How to Save Clips

Contact Us

Use the following information below as a reference point whenever you need to email, phone or live chat with our support team.

We hope you can find answers to some of your questions in the help center here, but we're always available to help out if need be!

Please use these methods to contact us:

  • Support Phone: 1-888-335-9844 (6 A.M - 12 A.M EST)

  • Support Email:

  • Sales: 1-888-817-6546

  • Field Services: 1-855-759-0609

  • Reception: 1-844-635-7305

  • Live Chat: Click the chat bubble at the bottom of the page from our website, help center or directly in Solink. Check out this article if you need help.

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