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How to Contact our Team

Reach out to our team via live chat, email or phone.

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Still not finding what you're looking for here in the help center?

Our support and customer enablement teams are always ready to take your questions via live chat, phone or email. Use this page as a reference whenever you need to contact us.

You can contact us via the following methods:

Live Chat

A member of our Support team is always on standby to reply to a live chat message. You can initiate a live chat with us from the following Solink sites:

Select the chat bubble at the bottom corner of any of these sites to initiate a chat. See the GIF below for a quick demonstration:

If you are using the Solink app on a mobile device, you can tap on the "speech bubble" icon near the top of the screen on either iOS or Android to navigate to our live chat page:

Android Live Chat

iOS Live Chat


Use the following phone numbers to contact us:

Support Phone: 1-888-335-9844 (24/7)

  • Press 1 to speak with a Support agent

  • Press 2 if you are a technician doing supplementary work (for example, troubleshooting)

  • Press 4 if you are a technician performing a new Solink install

Sales: 1-888-817-6546

Field Services: 1-855-759-0609

Reception: 1-844-635-7305


You can reach our Support team by email here:

Book a Training Session

You can book a 1-on-1 training session with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) from our Customer Success team if you require training on a specific Solink feature.

Our Customer Success team is comprised of several CSMs whose goals are to ensure you understand and get maximum value from Solink.

Click here to book a 1-on-1 training session with a CSM.

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