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Events on iOS
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From the Events tab on iOS you can:

  • Search and Filter Events.

  • Play Event Footage

  • Save and Share Events.


Search and Filter Events

You can view different types of events from the iOS mobile application - click on the type of event you want to view near the top of the Events tab (Transaction, Motion, Bookmark or Alarm events):


For example, if you select Transaction, only transaction events appear in the area below.

You can then further filter the displayed events by a specific day, week, month, or year. To filter events by date:

  1. Select the specific timeframe you want to filter by:


  2. Navigate to a different timeframe using the arrows below the chart (for example, if you selected Week, use the arrows to navigate to different weeks):


  3. You can click on the blue bars in the chart to navigate to a specific point in the timeframe (in the "Week" example, you can click to see events from a specific day in the selected week):


Play Event Footage

To play and/or pause the video of the event straight from the Events tab, tap on the thumbnail of the event:

To open the event in the video player, tap the square bracket icon in the event thumbnail or tap anywhere in the area below the thumbnail:


Save and Share Events

Select the save icon located below the event thumbnail to initiate the save and share process:


Once you select the save icon, you can fill out the following information to save and share the clip:

  • Add Notes to the event clip (optional, may help you or others understand the context of the clip later on when reviewing).

  • Enter email(s) of the recipients you want to receive this clip.

  • Visibility will be Public by default for events. This means the clip can be viewed by anyone, including non-Solink users.

Once you have filled out the information, select Save to save the clip and share it with the desired recipients.

Once the clip has been saved, you can access the saved clip from the Clips page in the Solink platform (browser).

Alarm Events on iOS

This section provides an overview of Alarm Events on the iOS mobile app.

View Open Alarms

An alarm that is currently in progress and recording footage is referred to as an Open alarm.

To view your Open alarms on iOS:

  1. Tap the Alarms tab:


  2. Tap the Open tab:


  3. If there are any Open alarms, you can view them by scrolling through the page.

Sort Alarm Events

You can sort alarm events based on the day, week, month, or year the alarm events were captured. Additionally, you can filter by Open or All alarm events.

Tap All to view all Open and/or Closed alarms:


For more information on Alarm Events in Solink, see Alarm Events.

More Events Information

This page specifically focuses on events as they appear in the iOS Solink app.

For more information on what events are and how they work in the browser-based version of Solink, click here.

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