Camera Linking

Camera Linking uses AI to detect motion patterns between your cameras and automatically create buttons you can use to navigate between your nearby cameras.

Camera Linking allows you to:

  • Perform video audits of unfamiliar locations by navigating from one camera view to the next.

  • Track suspects through a location as they move between camera fields of view.

  • Save time setting up your camera floor plan by letting AI do it for you.

  • See incidents unfold from multiple angles for better case management.

  • Watch how new or re-positioned cameras affect the overall video coverage of your site.

You can see which of your cameras have camera links and how many links are associated with a camera via the thumbnails on the Video page:

Note: For information on how to use Camera Linking on iOS devices, see Camera Linking on iOS.

See the following sections for more information on how to use, create and edit camera links.