Camera Markers

Use markers in a camera view to associate transaction data with objects (IE: tables).

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You can place camera markers anywhere within a camera view. These markers are commonly used to associate tables in the camera view with transaction data. For example, a restaurant might use camera markers to associate each table in the camera view with the same table number data in the POS system.

The type of markers available to you can vary based on the available POS data. The most common marker is a table marker.

If you need additional help understanding the purpose and functionality of camera annotations, please reach out to our support team at 1-888-335-9844 or use our live chat.

To place a camera marker in one of your cameras, follow these steps:

  1. From the Video page, navigate to the camera you would like to add markers to.

  2. From the camera view, select More:


  3. Select Markers:


  4. Click the location in the video where you want to place the marker:

  5. Type the name of the data source into the Pin Name field. For example, if you know that the official name for the table is "Table 1" in your POS data, type "Table 1" in the Pin Name field to associate the table data.

  6. Select Save:


Now you can see the marker where you placed it in the camera view:


To delete a camera marker, navigate back to the marker view (select More > Markers) and then click on any marker you would like to remove to delete it instantly.

How do Markers Work?

Below is an example of how markers (specifically, table markers) can be useful for you and your business. In this example, you can see a transaction event for each marked table:


Clicking on the event thumbnail brings up the camera view, where you can see all of the markers that have been placed in the view:


Each marker has been placed at a table; the user can hover over each marker to see the total transaction value for that table, as well as the duration of the ticket (when the order for that table was opened and when it was closed):


Please reach out to our team if you require more information on how to use markers at your business.

Declutter Markers

The Declutter Markers option allows you to remove all camera markers from the video player that are not associated with the transaction that is currently playing. This is helps remove clutter from the screen and allows you to focus on only the markers that are related to the current transaction you are viewing.

To toggle Declutter Markers:

  1. Select the Settings button in the bottom-right corner of the video player.

  2. Select the Declutter Markers slider to toggle the feature on or off:



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