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Video Alarm Tablet Overview
Video Alarm Tablet Overview

Learn how to set up and use Solink's Video Alarm Tablet

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The Video Alarm Tablet allows you to arm and disarm your locations with a physical on-premise tablet.

Watch this video tutorial for more information on how to setup and use the tablet:

See the following articles for more information on how to use the Solink Video Alarm Tablet:

How the Video Alarm Tablet Works

Enter a PIN number to arm a location. Then, re-enter the PIN to disarm the alarm system when returning to the premises. You can manage PINs across multiple locations in real-time via the Solink platform.

The tablet also offers the following core features:

  • Front-facing camera: Adds an 8 megapixel camera to your existing camera system. In addition to streaming, the camera can be used as an alarm camera:

  • Audio playback: An alarm sounds when the onboard camera OR another camera at the location detects motion.

  • Arm and disarm: Arm and disarm your Solink alarm system straight from the tablet on-site.

  • Alarm audit events: When a user arms/disarms the alarm system via the tablet (or enters an invalid PIN), an alarm audit event is created on the Events page with camera footage of the user to provide context:

  • Simple interface: The tablet comes installed with custom software intended only for Solink alarm use. The easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly arm and disarm the system without installing or configuring additional software.

  • Intercom system: Each location with a tablet is assigned a phone number. You can call this number and communicate via the onboard intercom system that enables two-way communication with all tablet devices on the premises (useful for calling an employee at the location). Coming in a future update, this number could also be used for monitoring talk-down as an additional service (eg: deterring/stalling a trespasser while waiting for authorities to arrive).

  • Remote monitoring: Solink automatically keeps the tablet software up-to-date without any user interaction.

  • Video Alarms Monitoring: For users subscribed to Video Alarm Monitoring:

    • After the 30 second grace period from when an alarm is triggered, an agent is notified immediately and the process to determine if there is a threat to person or property begins.

    • After the 30 second default period, an alarm is triggered and sent to an alarm monitoring agent immediately.

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