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Setup Instructions (Video Alarm Tablet)
Setup Instructions (Video Alarm Tablet)
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Please ensure the following items are included in the Video Alarm Tablet box shipped to you:

  • Video Alarm Tablet

  • Wireless access device

  • Tablet case

  • Wall mount (includes wall anchors, screws and mounting instructions)

  • 10ft power cable and wall plug

Follow the steps below to set up the Video Alarm Tablet from start to finish.

Technician Mount + Power Connection to Tablet

Solink will arrange for a technician to mount the tablet and ensure it is connected to a reliable power source.

Create Tablet PIN in Solink

As an Admin User, navigate to Alarms > Alarm Configuration > Setup Arm / Disarm PIN within Solink.

Note: If you are currently using Phone Arm / Disarm, select Edit > Set up with Tablet to set up a PIN for the tablet. Otherwise, click the Setup Arm / Disarm PIN button.

To set up a PIN:

  1. Select the Set Up Arm / Disarm PIN button:

  2. Toggle the Set up with Tablet option to set up a PIN specifically for the Solink Alarm Tablet:

5. Create a 4-digit Phone Number Security Code. This code protects the tablet from receiving spam calls. When the user calls the tablet phone number, they must also type the security code to connect.

6. Configure the amount of seconds for Arm / Disarm Countdown (the amount of time you have to enter the PIN to disarm/arm before an alarm is created).

7. Select Save.

8. Select + Add New PIN.

9. Type a Name for the PIN and type the 4 digit PIN code you want to create.

10. Select what happens when the user enters the PIN to disarm the alarm system (either disarm the system until the next scheduled alarm period OR disarm for a set period of time, in minutes)

11. Select Save to apply the changes and create the new PIN.

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