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Intercom System (Video Alarm Tablet)
Intercom System (Video Alarm Tablet)
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Each location is assigned a number for one or more Video Alarm Tablets. You can dial this number to enable two-way communication via the onboard intercom system.

The person on the receiving tablet end will see a call coming in, but will not need to answer - it will automatically connect.

Note: You also need to dial a Phone Number Security Code (instructions below on how to configure) in order to finish connecting the call. This code is used to prevent spam calls to the tablet.

You can locate the tablet phone number in the Solink platform.

To locate the phone number and also setup a Phone Number Security Code:

  1. Navigate to the Alarms page > Alarm Configurations.

  2. In the Tablet Arm / Disarm tile, select Edit:

  3. Type a Phone Number Security Code - when calling the tablet, the caller is prompted to enter this code to avoid spam calls to the tablet:

  4. The phone number for the tablet is located under Tablet(s) Phone Number:

Once a call has completed, a call log event is created. The call log event contains the duration of the call, the phone number the call came from and a transcription of the call:

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