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Add and delete users, assign user permissions and more.

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Admin users have the ability to add Standard and Admin users and delete Standard users from the Users page within Settings.

You can also restrict location access for standard users, change user permissions and export user data into a spreadsheet.

Add and Delete Users

See the instructions below for information on how to add or delete users.

Add Users

To add a new user to the account:

  1. From the Users page in Settings, select the + Add button near the top of the page:


  2. Fill out the fields with the appropriate information for the user you want to add (Email, First and Last Name, optional Cell Phone Number):


  3. Determine whether this user will be a Standard or Admin user. Select the user type under the Type field. For more information on Admin and Standard user permissions, see Admin Vs Standard Users: What are the Differences?


  4. Select the Add User button to create the user.

Next, the user receives an email to set their password. Once they have done this the user will have access to the account.

Delete Users

To delete a user or multiple users from the account:

  1. From the Users page in Settings, select the box next to the user you want to delete from the account:


  2. Select the Delete button near the top of the page to delete the selected users:


Tip: You can delete several users at once. Select the boxes next to all the users you want to delete and proceed to the next step.

Location Assignment

If you are an Admin user, you can choose which locations are available to an individual Standard user; the user will only see and be able to view cameras and event footage for the location(s) you have selected for that user.

For instance, if your business has four monitored locations, you could configure certain users to only be able to view and access cameras for one of those locations.

To configure user location access:

  1. From the Users page in Settings, navigate to the specific user you want to configure location access for.

  2. Select the Edit button:

  3. Select the Location Assignments tab:


  4. Select one of the following options:

    • Allow access to all locations: Select this option to give the user access to all locations. They can see all locations from the Video page and review events from all locations.

    • Specify locations: Select this option if you want the user to only have access to certain locations.

  5. If you selected Specify locations, you can now choose which locations the user has access to. Select the checkboxes next to the location:


  6. Select Save to apply the changes.

Tip: You can group your locations into location groups if required. See the Location Groups section below to learn more.

Tip: Use the Filter to display locations based on whether the user has access to the locations (Show Assigned), does not have access to the locations (Show Not Assigned), or Show All locations. Or search for locations using the search bar.

Location Groups

Admins can also configure location access by placing users into Location Groups. Location Groups allow you to restrict user access based on a predefined group of locations. This is a helpful feature if you are a large business with many locations across the country or globe and want to make it easier to organize user location access.

Admins can assign users to a Location Group from the same location as they would assign users to locations; from the Settings page, find the user you want to configure location access for and select the Edit button. From there you can assign that user to a Location Group, if there are any created on your account:


If you wish to set up Location Groups, please contact our support team for more information.

User Permissions

If you are an Admin user, you can enable or disable various features for other users. There are many different features you can enable or disable, including features related to video alarms, camera groups and video playback.

To view the list of all editable user features and enable and/or disable these features for a specific user:

  1. From the Users page in Settings, scroll through the users list or search the list for the user you to want to edit.

  2. Select the Edit button next to the user:

  3. A list of all features you can enable or disable for the user is displayed:


  4. Select one of the following options to assign or disable a user permission for the selected user:

    • On: This enables the feature for the user.

    • Off: This disables the feature for the user.

Note: Select or leave the Default option enabled if you wish to keep the state indicated next to Default. This Default state can be changed by an administrator at any time.

Export User Data

You can export user data into a .csv spreadsheet file from the Users page.

User data exported to the spreadsheet file includes:

  • User email

  • Name

  • Last login date and time

  • Cell phone number (if applicable)

  • User type (Standard or Admin)

  • User role (if applicable)

To export user data:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users.

  2. Do either of the following:

    • Select each user you would like to export data for using the checkboxes adjacent to the user. Then select Export to export only the selected user data.

    • OR select Export All to export all user data.

  3. Select Confirm to export user data into a spreadsheet file.

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