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Whenever an alarm is triggered, an open alarm event is created with video footage and associated data. Open alarms are alarms that are currently in progress and recording footage.

You can review open alarms from the Alarms page > Recent Alarm Events:


In the mobile app, you can view open alarm events from the Events page > sort by Alarm:


You can also view past open alarm events from the Events page. Select the Alarms tab on the Events page (as shown in the image below) to display only alarm events. This is a useful feature if you want to create reports using alarm events:


Note: Only users with an Alarm Administrator role (configured by a Solink representative) can see alarm events displayed on the Events page.

To view your Open alarms:

  1. Select a specific location or All locations from the left sidebar:


  2. Select Open near the top-right of the page:


  3. Any Open alarm for the selected location (or all locations if you have selected All locations from the sidebar) is displayed on the page, as shown in the example below:


Close an Open Alarm

You can close an open alarm from the Recent Alarm Events section; this can be especially useful to dismiss false alarms and ready the alarm system to detect future alarms. You can also temporarily disarm the alarm system from this location.

To close an open alarm:

  1. From the Recent Alarm Events section, select a location.

  2. If there is an open alarm, you will see two options within the alarm: Close and Disarm. Select Close:


  3. A message appears to confirm the alarm has been successfully closed.

Note: To disarm the alarm temporarily for this location, select Disarm instead, then choose for how long you would like to disarm the alarm system (15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Or until the next scheduled arm period based on your alarm schedule).

Temporarily Disarm an Open Alarm

You can temporarily disarm an open alarm for a set period of time (similar to a "snooze" button on an alarm clock).

To disarm an open alarm:

  1. From the Recent Alarm Events tab, choose an open alarm you want to temporarily disarm. Select Disarm....

  2. Choose the amount of time you wish to disarm the alarm for (or choose to disarm until the next scheduled alarm period):


  3. Select Confirm.

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