Motion Thinning

Optimize storage by automatically deleting video segments without motion.

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Motion Thinning is a feature that optimizes stored video at your locations. When enabled, Motion Thinning automatically deletes recorded video that does not have motion present.

Note: Motion Thinning deletes video footage when there is no motion present; however, a small segment of motionless video is retained at the start and at the end of each remaining video segment with motion.

It is recommended to use Motion Thinning on the HD stream alone (and not SD video), since deleting HD video frees up significantly more storage space. This also ensures that when Motion Thinning deletes HD video, the same video in SD is still accessible.

Motion Thinning alters your existing retention package in two ways:

  1. Introduces a "motion-only recordings" window.

  2. Can extend your SD retention window. For example, a previous retention window might look like HD 30 days/SD 30 days - but with Motion Thinning this would be HD 30 total, thinned after 2 days, and SD for 45 days.

Please consult with our Customer Success team on the retention package that suits you best.

Warning: Motion Thinning permanently deletes video. Before you request this feature, ensure that changes to your retention policy would not impact any video recording compliance laws for your industry.

Save Clips with Motion Thinning Enabled

An additional option is available in the save clip process when Motion Thinning is available:


Select Only save video footage with motion to ensure the saved clip only contains recorded footage with motion present. When this option is not selected, the saved clip may contain motion segments in HD footage and non-motion segments in SD footage.



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