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Create and Edit Floorplans
Create and Edit Floorplans

Map out your locations and camera placements with a floor plan.

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Navigating through a list of cameras can be time-consuming and difficult. You can navigate through your property faster by uploading and using a Floor Plan design.

A Floor Plan provides a birds-eye view of critical areas of your business such as entrances, exits, inventory storage, manager's offices and employee lockers. Solink Floor Plan feature provides additional security and protection for your business by allowing you to visualize how your camera system is set up. Having easy access to the layout of your cameras is helpful for:

  • Investigations: Easily identify specific camera angles to retrieve critical evidence and help you close more cases.

  • Security: Quickly perform security audits by identifying blind-spots or areas with insufficient camera coverage.

  • Operations: Remove the guesswork if and when you need to fix an offline or out-of-service camera.

Configure Floor Plan

To configure a floor plan using your existing cameras, navigate to the Video page to get started and follow the steps below:

  1. Select a location, then select the Floor Plan button in the top right corner:


  2. If you do not already have a floor plan in place, you are prompted to upload an image of your floor plan. Select Choose File and browse for the floor plan image on your computer.

  3. Once your floor plan has been uploaded, you can begin adding cameras to the image to display where your cameras are located on the map:

    • Drag cameras from the camera list on the right side and drop them into the floor plan as they are located at your business.

    • Drag the black circular icon to adjust the camera direction (see GIF below).

    • Drag the orange circular icon to adjust the field of view (see GIF below).

  4. Select Save to save the floor plan.

Note: Supported image files include: JPEG and PNG, up to 20 MB.

Now you can interact with the floor plan to view your cameras with additional location context. See the next section for more details.

Interact with Your Floor Plan

Now that your floor plan has been set up, you can use it to select which cameras to watch based on where they are located on the map.

Select Show Floor Plan (if not already displayed) and try out the following interactions:

  • Hover your mouse over a camera's field of view to see a live preview. You can then click to open the camera in the player:

  • View multiple cameras at once - to view another camera (or more) in addition to the camera you are already viewing, hover over a camera icon and select the Add Camera button:

  • You can easily determine where an offline camera is located using your floorplan. An offline camera appears yellow and “crossed out”:


Note: An orange camera indicates that a video alarm has been configured for that alarm. For more information on video alarms, click here.

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