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Solink has partnered with Olo to combine video and data from your third-party delivery partnerships, including Uber Eats, Grubhub and DoorDash.

When you subscribe to our premium Olo integration, Solink automatically generates a delivery event whenever a customer places an order, allowing you to:

  • Monitor delivery revenue and other key metrics

  • Dispute chargebacks directly with any third-party delivery company

  • Track canceled orders

Select one of the following help topics and check out the video tutorial below to learn more about Solink's Olo integration:

Olo FAQs

See the following frequently asked questions regarding our Olo integration:

How can Solink help with my chargebacks?

Solink’s integration with Olo can help restaurants recoup and prevent chargeback losses by providing clarity to all delivery orders in one platform.

Solink video can connect each chargeback directly to the time of order. You can quickly review the order preparation, packaging, and driver hand-off to understand what occurred and why.

With Solink’s Save and Share feature, you can then save video clips and use them as evidence to dispute invalid chargebacks or as training material to improve restaurant processes. You can also copy and share links to your saved clips.

Each delivery service (UberEats, Grubhub, etc.) has their own process for disputing chargebacks. You may need to reach out to each of their respective support teams and consult their websites for more information on how to dispute chargebacks.

Which third-party delivery providers do you support?

Olo provides a list of all of their supported integrations here.

Where can I find my chargebacks in Solink?

You can filter to display delivery data on the Events page using the default delivery reports.

To focus further, you can create more detailed custom reports to view chargeback-specific events, or view a specific third-party delivery provider.

Lastly, you can enter the keyword: “chargeback” to filter for all chargeback events:

How can I see the total duration for a delivery event?

Delivery events capture the time the order was placed to the time the order was completed. Each delivery event records the total time, from delivery placed to order shipped, via the Duration field:

You can watch the event to review the entire timeline from when the order was placed, accepted, prepared, packaged and picked up.

Can I view my highest cost chargebacks?

Yes - you can use the "Total Chargebacks" widget to visualize your highest cost chargebacks.

You can access this widget via the Dashboard page > Delivery tab. If you do not see this widget, please contact your Solink Customer Success representative to set this up.

Can I view all of my delivery orders in Solink in addition to chargebacks?

Yes! Solink consolidates all of your delivery order data and chargeback data into one platform.

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