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Delivery Events Overview (Olo Integration)
Delivery Events Overview (Olo Integration)
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Solink generates an event whenever a delivery transaction occurs, allowing you to review footage and transaction data. Delivery event data updates in real time.

If either a chargeback or canceled order occurs, Solink updates the delivery event with relevant data and renames the event to a "Chargeback" or "Canceled Order" event.

Note: For information on how to filter and search for your delivery events, see Filter Delivery Events.

Delivery Event Field Definitions

Your delivery event receipts in Solink consist of several fields to provide you with as much information as possible. See below for a definition of these fields:

  • Method: The dining method:

    • Takeout: Order is packaged and ready to be taken out of the restaurant.

    • Dine In: Customer dined in at the restaurant.

    • Delivery: Order delivered to customer.

  • Source: Ordering platform used to generate the order.

  • Store: The store name where the delivery event occurred.

  • Customer: The name of the customer who placed the order through the delivery app.

  • Order Placed: Date and time the customer placed the order through the app.

  • Order Handoff: The date/time when the order is ready to be handed off to the customer. Should be same as "Order Completed" field.

  • Order Completed: The date/time when the order has been completed in the restaurant.

  • Duration: The duration of time between order placed and order completed.

  • Service: The third-party delivery app used to place the order (DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.).

  • Assigned Time: Time when the order was assigned to pickup the order.

  • Driver: Name of the driver picking up the order.

  • Estimated Pickup: The estimated time the driver will pick up the order in the restaurant, according to the delivery app.

  • Actual Pickup: The actual pickup time.

  • Estimated Dropoff: The estimated time the driver will drop off the order to the customer, according to the delivery app.

  • Actual Dropoff: The actual time the driver drops off the order to the customer.

Chargeback Event

A chargeback event occurs when a customer reverses the transaction for one reason or another. In many cases, this can cause your business to lose money from a delivery order.

When a chargeback occurs, Solink adds chargeback data to the event receipt to give you more context:

Unique chargeback fields include:

  • Chargeback: The date and time the chargeback occurred.

  • Chargeback Type: Indicates how the chargeback was processed (Full, Partial - entire order vs. select item(s) from order).

  • Chargeback Reason: Reason for the chargeback, as defined by the ordering service.

  • Chargeback Amount: Amount refunded to the customer.

Canceled Order Event

A canceled order occurs when the store or customer cancels the delivery.

Unique canceled order event fields include:

  • Reason: Reason for cancelation (canceled by store, canceled by user, etc.).

  • Order Canceled: Date and time the order was canceled.

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