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Olo Integration Setup
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To setup your Olo integration with Solink, a Brand Administrator will need access to the Developer Portal on your Olo Dashboard.

Note: If you cannot access Developer Tools, please work with your corporate team or help desk to configure the Webhook.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Login to your Olo Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Developer Tools > select Add Webhook.

  3. Enter the following information:

    1. Webhook Name: Solink Webhook

    2. Destination URL: (Your Solink Customer Success representative should provide you with the correct URL - each user will have unique text for the "customer-id-from-manage" part of the URL)

    3. Developer Partner: Solink

  4. Toggle "on" the following Order Events:

    1. OrderAdjusted

    2. OrderCancelled

    3. OrderClosed

    4. OrderPlaced

    5. OrderPickedUp

    6. DispatchStatusUpdate

  5. Once you are ready to publish, select Test Webhook. This will bring up the Shared Secret which can only be retrieved at this step.

  6. Copy the Shared Secret and provide it to Solink so they can recognize the webhook as coming from Olo:

  7. Once Solink has confirmed they have stored the shared secret, select the Test Webhook button. If the test succeeds, select Publish Webhook to complete the process.

If you run into any errors while completing these steps, please reach out to your Solink Customer Success representative.

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