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Copy and Share Clip Links
Copy and Share Clip Links

Share a link to a saved video clip.

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You can copy a link to any of your saved clips and share it with others.

Solink allows you to retrieve links with two different permission types: the Copy Share Link button allows you to share a clip link with anyone, while the Copy Internal Link button limits access to the copied link to only Solink users on your account.

Copy Share Link (Share Clips with Non-Solink Users)

If you send a video clip to a non-Solink user, please be aware that some sharing methods can prevent an external user from viewing the clip. The user could be asked to sign in to their Solink account to view the clip, but likely do not have the credentials to do so.

Use any one of the following methods when sharing with a non-Solink user to ensure they can access and view the video clip:

  • Select the Copy Link button as shown in the image below (you can also access this button from the "more options" menu/three dots). You can paste this URL and share with non-Solink users:

  • Add the emails of the non-Solink user you want to share the clip with during the save process (see Save a Video Clip). You can also email the clip to anyone after the save process (see Access Saved Video Clips).

    • Note: In some scenarios, the email may be blocked by the recipient (sometimes this occurs with police or insurance email addresses). In this case, use the following method to share the video.

  • Click the View Share button from the saved clip and copy the URL. You can then send this URL to a non-Solink user via email or any other secure method.

To find the View Share button:

  1. Navigate to the Clips page.

  2. Select View Saved for the clip on the clip you want to view.

  3. Select View Share at the bottom of the saved clip dialog box:


Note: Ensure that the URL begins with ""; otherwise the link may only work for Solink users.

Copy Internal Link

You can copy and share a link to a clip with other Solink users who have access to your account.

Select the more options icon on the clip that you want to link (three dots, as shown in the image below), then select Copy Internal Link:


You can paste this link into an email or message if you wish to share the clip. The clip is only accessible to other Solink users on your account.

Note: See the Copy Share Link section earlier in this article to learn how to retrieve a link that can be shared with non-Solink users.

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