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Filter Delivery Events (Olo Integration)
Filter Delivery Events (Olo Integration)
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You can view third-party delivery app data on the Events page if you are subscribed to our Olo integration.

See the following sections for a few methods you can use to search and filter your delivery events.

Default Delivery Reports

You can select a variety of default delivery reports to filter your delivery events.

Select the Reports Panel (located near the top-left of the Events page), then select any of the following default delivery reports to filter your delivery data on the Events page:

  • Olo - All Orders: All orders received via Olo.

  • Olo - Delivery Orders: All delivery orders.

  • Olo - UberEats Orders: All orders made through UberEats.

  • Olo - DoorDash Orders: Orders made through DoorDash.

  • Olo - GrubHub Orders: Orders made through GrubHub.

  • Olo - PostMates Orders: Orders made through PostMates.

  • Olo - Chargebacks: Chargeback orders.

Please reach out to your Solink Customer Success representative if these reports are not available.

Note: See Create a Report for information on how to create custom reports.

Search Terms

You can type a few search terms in the Events search bar to find delivery events:

  • Type "delivered" to filter for delivery events that have occurred.

  • Type "delivery" to filter for delivery events in progress, if any.

  • Type "chargeback" to filter for chargeback events.

Note: See Search Bar on the Events Page for a detailed overview of how you can customize your search and use filters for all of your events.


You can also view your delivery order data with the histogram at the top of the Events page:


The data displayed in the histogram changes whenever you sort the data; for example, if you filter the data by date - whether it be a certain day, week, month or year - the histogram visually displays data within the selected timeframe.

Hover over the individual bars in the histogram to see the number of transactions completed in a given period of time.

Note: Click here for more information on the histogram panel.


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