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Toast POS Guide
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This article provides an overview of the unique Toast POS metrics that can be integrated into the Solink platform. These metrics provide valuable data insights and allow you to create helpful reports on the Events page and display widgets on the Dashboard page.

Solink's integration with Toast offers real-time visibility into sales transactions, customer interactions and more, including:

  • Enhanced Security: Monitor transactions with corresponding video footage to quickly identify suspicious activities or discrepancies.

  • Operational Insights: Gain a clear view of customer interactions, employee behavior, and operational flow to optimize service and efficiency.

  • Dispute Resolution: Easily resolve disputes or discrepancies with direct access to video evidence of transactions.

  • Performance Monitoring: Track sales performance and customer engagement with visual and transactional data to make informed business decisions.

The following metrics are unique to the Toast POS system and can be integrated with the Solink platform.

Note: To learn how to set up and leverage these metrics in Solink, please contact your Solink Customer Success Manager or reach out to

Void Time Stamp

The Void Time Stamp metric allows you to track when items were removed from a transaction.

This metric can help you identify patterns or instances of misuse, such as fraudulent activity or operational errors. It can also offer insights into service issues or training needs if certain items are frequently voided.

By analyzing void timestamps, you can:

  • Enhance accountability.

  • Improve service delivery.

  • Ensure transactions are accurately reflected in financial reporting to improve loss prevention strategies.

Payment to Tip Time (Tip Delay)

The Payment to Tip Time (Tip Delay) metric is a key performance indicator (KPI) in the retail and hospitality spaces. This metric tracks the time between payment and tip.

A shorter payment-to-tip time can indicate efficient service delivery, leading to higher customer satisfaction and potentially larger tips.

A longer duration can indicate service delays or operational issues, leading to a negative customer experience.

This data helps you identify customer patterns and behavior so that you can tailor training programs for staff, improving service speed.

Keeping a close eye on Payment to Tip Time can help highlight anomalies in tipping practices and identify fraud, such as:

  • Tip inflation.

  • Unauthorized charges.

For example, orders with a long tip delay plus a modifier, such as Discount of Void, usually indicates someone has manipulated the transaction.

Use the Payment To Tip Time filter on the Events page to track this metric in Solink. You can also create reports with this metric - reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Average Guest Spend (Transaction Value / Guest Count)

The Average Guest Spend measures the average $ amount each customer spends during their visit.

This metric helps you:

  • Determine revenue generation efficiency.

  • Identify spending trends.

  • Develop strategies to enhance profitability.

  • Better manage inventory.

  • Improve marketing strategies.

With this metric in Solink, you can rank servers by their average guest spend and identify which servers are most effective at upselling and/or providing service that encourages higher spending.

The Average Guest Spend ranking widget can help you:

  • Recognize and reward top performers.

  • Create training materials for lower performing individuals.

  • Understand the impact of server performance on revenue.

Additionally, this metric can inform staffing decisions, such as assigning high-performing servers to peak times or more profitable sections. This approach encourages a competitive yet collaborative environment where servers are motivated to enhance guest experiences and increase sales.

Discount Approver Name

The Discount Approver Name metric allows you to track the names of employees who approve discounts.

Tracking this metric helps your business maintain accountability within the transaction process, ensuring that discounts are given appropriately and according to company policy.

By tracking Discount Approver Name in Solink, you can:

  • Prevent discount privilege abuse.

  • Reduce potential revenue loss.

  • Ensure discounts are used as intended, such as promoting sales or rewarding customer loyalty.

Additionally, you can rank total $ discount value by employee (approver) in the Solink platform:

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