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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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This article features a list of frequently asked questions from our customers.

What Are the Differences Between Admin and Standard Users?

Admin users are able to perform the following actions (Standard users cannot perform any of these actions):

Note: If you want to create a custom role that is not Standard or Admin, please reach out to our Customer Support team to discuss further (1-888-335-9844 or live chat).

How Do I Add and Delete Users?

Admin users have the ability to add and delete other Standard users. Admin users can also create other Admin users.

Add Users

To add users to your Solink account:

  1. Navigate to Solink Settings. You can find this by clicking your email address at the top right of your screen:


  2. Select the Users tab from the side menu:


  3. On the Users page, select the Add button:


  4. Type in the new user's first name, last name, and email.

  5. Choose whether the user is going to be a Standard user or Admin

  6. Select Add User to create the new user.

The user will receive an email in their inbox to create a password for their account and sign in. They should set their password within 24 hours to avoid the email expiring.

Delete Users

To delete a user:

  1. From the User page in Settings, select the checkbox next to the user you wish to delete:


  2. Select the Delete button at the top of the page to delete the user.

Note: Admin users can only delete Standard users. Please contact our Support team for more assistance if required.

How Long Can I Store Video For? (Camera/Video Retention)

You can check your video retention on This is where you will find how long you can access HD and SD video before it expires:

See Video Retention for more information.

Where Can I Find My Local Downloads?

Video clips that you save locally are sent to the Downloads folder on your computer (unless you've changed your default download location in your browser).

Look for your most recent files in the Downloads folder on your computer to locate any recently saved clips from Solink.

For information on how to save a clip to your computer/device, see Download Video Clips.

Why Did My Transaction Information Disappear in the Video Player?

Sometimes after you click on an event and open it in the video player, the transaction is briefly shown and then disappears.

In the following images, the transaction on the right appears and then disappears very quickly:


This can occur in the following scenarios:

  • When a transaction ends, the transaction overlay in the video player disappears immediately. This means a short transaction may appear and disappear very quickly.

  • The transaction does not have two time stamps (only one).

  • If multiple transactions occur at the same time, it can cause each of these transactions to display very briefly.

Please reach out to our Support team if this is a persistent issue and/or you have further questions.

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