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Define user permissions from the User Roles page.

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User roles allow for a common set of feature permissions to be applied across multiple users in a scalable way.

From the User Roles page you can:

User roles allow you to define user privileges among groups of Solink users at your organization.

For example, you might create a user role called "Manager", then assign only managers at your company to this "Manager" user role.

You can edit this user role so that all users assigned to the role can and cannot do certain things within Solink.

User roles are located in Solink Settings:


Create User Roles

You can create a user role for a certain group of individuals in your company or business and ensure only those assigned the role have certain Solink permissions.

To create a user role:

  1. From the User Roles page in Settings, select the Add button:

  2. Give the role a name and description that will help others understand the purpose of this role:

  3. Select Save to move to the next step.

  4. Scroll down to begin assigning user permission to this role:

  5. Select one of the following options to assign or disable a user permission for the user role:

    • On: This enables the feature for the user.

    • Off: This disables the feature for the user.

      Note: Select or leave the Default option enabled if you wish to keep the state indicated next to Default. This Default state can be changed by an administrator at any time.

  6. Select Save at the bottom of the permissions list to apply the changes.

Next, you need to assign users to this role. See the next section to understand how to assign users to a role.

Assign Users to a Role

Select the Users tab (located above the permissions list) to begin assigning users to this role:



  1. Select the Add button:


  2. A list of all users in the account is displayed. Select individual users by clicking the "checkbox" located next to the user's name. Each of the users you select will be assigned to the user role:


  3. Select Save to assign the selected users to the role.

Tip: Select the "checkbox" at the top of the list to select all users on the page at once.

Note: You can assign up to 10 users to a role at once. You must repeat the process in this section to add 10 users at a time (add users to the role via the checkboxes, select Save, repeat).

Remove Users from a Role

You can remove an individual user from a role, or several users from the role at once.

To remove users assigned to a role:

  1. From the User Roles page in Settings, select Edit next to the user role:


  2. Select the Users tab:


    • Select the Remove button next to the user:

    • Or to remove users in bulk, select the "checkboxes" beside each user you want to delete, then select Remove located near the top of the page. A confirmation appears asking if you are sure you want to remove these users - select Confirm to remove the users from the role:


Delete a User Role

To delete a user role, find the role from the User Roles page and select the Delete button:


Select Confirm when prompted to fully delete the user role.

Note: Roles can be deleted in bulk using the checkboxes on the left side of each role name.

Duplicate a User Role

You can duplicate a user role in the event that you wish to create a copy of a user role with all users and permissions intact.

To duplicate a user role, find the role from the User Roles page and select the Duplicate button:


From here you can rename the role and give it a new description, then select Save to create the duplicate user role.

Notes on User Roles

Please take note of the following regarding user roles:

  • Currently, a user can only be assigned to one role at a time. This means you cannot assign one user to multiple different roles.

  • There is currently no way for admin users to view or modify the permissions of other admin users in the Users tab in Solink Settings.

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