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Dashboard on iOS
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This guide provides an overview of how to navigate the Dashboard page on iOS.

The Dashboard consolidates key information from your business - such as customer transactions, discounts, refunds and motion detection statistic - and displays the information in a variety of helpful widgets.


You can create and edit widgets in the browser version of Solink and then view them from the Dashboard page on your iOS device. Currently you cannot create or edit widgets on iOS, so please ensure to check our main Dashboard and Widgets guide for help configuring widgets on your browser version of Solink.

Note: Camera Group and Event Ticker widgets are currently not supported by iOS devices. If you have created these types of widgets, you can still view them from your browser Dashboard at

Filter Widget Data on iOS

You can filter widgets by a specific time period or location when displaying widget data.

Tap the date button at the top of the screen to display widget data within a specific date range:

You can also use the time period buttons near the top of the screen to display widget data from a specific Day, Week, Month or Year:


Tap the Locations button at the top of the screen to filter widgets by available locations:


Note: If there is a "lock"icon displayed below the widget, this means the data in this widget will not update when you select a filter. See Pinned Widget Data for more information.

Navigate the iOS Dashboard

Depending on the type of widget and data displayed, you can tap throughout widgets to highlight specific data points. In the following example, the user taps the bars in the bar graph widget to highlight the data represented by each bar (number of motion events in a given hour):

Double tap a data point to navigate to the corresponding event(s) on the Events tab:

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