Phone Arm / Disarm
Arm and disarm a location with an onsite telephone.
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The Phone Arm / Disarm feature for Video Alarms provides a method to disarm your Solink alarm system by picking up a physical phone at your location and dialing a code to disarm temporarily.

You can configure Phone Arm / Disarm via the Setup Location Phone Number button from the Alarm Configurations page:


You might want to set up Phone Arm / Disarm for delivery drivers, cleaners or other related individuals who require temporary access to your location without triggering an alarm.

How Phone Arm / Disarm Works

Phone Arm / Disarm allows you to create and then provide a 4+ digit PIN code to someone who needs to access your location. When they enter the location:

  1. The on-site phone rings as soon as the specified Arm / disarm grace period has ended.

  2. The person must then answer the phone within the allotted Ring time. They must then input the provided PIN code within 90 seconds of answering the phone to disarm the alarm system.

  3. The person has a set amount of time to complete their business in the location before the system re-arms. You can configure how long the system remains disarmed when the PIN code has been entered in Solink.

Note: Ensure that you provide the PIN and instructions on where to locate the physical on-site phone to the individual who will be accessing your location (so that they can disarm the system within the allotted 90 second period).

Configure Phone Arm / Disarm

To begin the configuration process, start by setting up the correct phone number for your on-site phone.

Watch the tutorial video and/or follow along with the steps below:

  1. Select the Alarm Configurations tab from the Alarms page.

  2. Select the location from the side menu that you want to configure Phone Arm / Disarm for.

  3. Navigate to the Phone Arm / Disarm tile:

    • For first time setup, select Setup Location Phone Number:


    • To edit an existing location phone number (if you have previously configured a phone number during first time setup), select the Settings icon:


  4. Next, type the phone number of your on-site phone in the Location Phone Number field. This is the number that will receive the call once the person enters your location. Provide an extension in the optional Extension field if one is required to call the correct number.

  5. Set a Ring time. This is the amount of time, in seconds, that the phone rings after the grace period.

  6. Set the Arm/Disarm Grace Period. This is the amount of time it will take for the call to be placed to the on-site phone after the alarm system has detected someone at the location. In the following image, the grace period is "3 seconds" - this means the call will be placed 3 seconds after the person has been detected by the alarm system:


  7. Select Save to apply the changes.

Note: Once the person answers the phone, they have 90 seconds to disarm the system with the PIN.

Next, create the PIN code(s) that you can then provide to any individuals who require access to your location:

  1. In the Phone Arm/Disarm tile select Add to create a new PIN code:

  2. Type a name for the PIN code in the Name field (this helps you determine who this PIN code is intended for in the future).

  3. Type a PIN code - this is the PIN code you will provide to the person who requires access to your location. The PIN must be at least 4 digits long:

  4. Choose whether the PIN disarms the system:

    • Until the next scheduled alarm period or;

    • For a set amount of time, in minutes.

  5. Select Save to create the PIN code.

How to Re-Arm the System (Optional)

If the person who you have provided the PIN code to leaves the location earlier than expected (ie: the PIN code is set to expire after 2 hours but the person is ready to leave the location after only 1 hour), ensure that they re-arm the system before they leave.

To re-arm the system, this person must use the on-site phone and call the Phone Number to Arm; you can locate this number in the Phone Arm/Disarm tile:


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