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You can save video clips from your events and video footage and review them later. Saved video clips are stored on the Clips page, where you can access them anytime:


Note: For information on how to share saved video clips, see Copy and Share Clip Links. For information on how to download clips, see Download Video Clips.

Save a Video Clip

To save a video clip from an event, navigate to the event and select the Save Clip button:


You can also select the more options icon (three dots), then select Save Clip:


To save a clip using video from a camera on the Video page, select the Save Clip button from the camera view:


Next, proceed through the following steps to save your clip:

  1. (Optional) Select the + icon to add additional cameras to the clip:

  2. Adjust the time interval to determine a start and end time for the clip. The start and end times are determined by default based on the original event, but you can adjust these parameters if you wish:


  3. Select the video quality of the saved clip:


    Note: There is a one hour duration limit for high quality clips. Otherwise, you can save a clip up to 24 hours in duration.

  4. (Optional) Type any information you wish in the Notes field to help users find this saved clip later on.

  5. (Optional) You can share this clip with someone else via email. To share the clip, select the Email checkbox and type the email(s) of the recipients you want to send the clip to along with a message. When you save the clip, the email is sent to the recipient(s) with the clip attached:


  6. Select Save to save the clip to the cloud.

Once the clip has been saved, a notification appears in the bottom right of the screen that the clip is now preparing and saving to the cloud. You can track the clip's progress on the bottom of the popout window:


You can find your saved clip on the Clips page. A "cloud" icon with a checkmark is displayed under the clip thumbnail once the clip has been saved successfully:


Note: For information on saving clips with Motion Thinning enabled, click here.

Access Saved Video Clips

To access the video clip, navigate to the Clips page, locate your clip and select the "cloud" icon. This opens the Save screen, where you can view, share and download the video clip.


From here you can share the clip via email by selecting the Email checkbox.

Select the View Share button to open a new window which contains your video and additional information at the bottom of the screen. On this Share screen, you can also download a copy directly from the video player by selecting the Download button at the bottom right:


For more information on the Clips page, see more articles here.

Save Clip on Mobile Apps

For information on how to save a clip in the Solink mobile apps, see the following:

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