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Download Video Clips
Download Video Clips

Download a clip to locally to your device.

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You can download video clips directly to your device. This option is only available if you are on the same local network as the recording device.

Local Download

During the save clip process, select the Local Download Only button to save a clip directly to your device:

After you have saved a clip locally, a corresponding event is created on the Events page:

Note: Saving a clip via the Local Download Only button does not save the clip indefinitely; the video clip expires when your retention period ends.

Save a clip in the Solink cloud to retain video clips indefinitely.

Download Saved Clips from Cloud

Once you have saved a clip in the Solink cloud, you can download it directly from the Clips page.

Select the View Saved... button from the clip you want to save:


Next, do one of the following to download an mp4 file directly to your local storage/Downloads folder on your device:

  • Select the Download Video button at the top of the window:


  • You can also select the View Share button to go to the Solink Share page. From this page, you can select the Download button to download the video file:


Note: If the video clip is not saved (through the save video clip process) the video will not be saved to the cloud. If the video ages out past its retention period, the video will not be recoverable. It is strongly advised to save a clip if you want to keep the video accessible through the Solink application.

Download 360 Camera Video Clips

Follow the steps above to download a 360 camera video clip (the download process is the same for both regular and 360 camera video clips).

On Windows devices, you can download the 360 video clip as either a ZIP or an MP4 file. Select the arrow icon next to the Download button to choose the type of file to download:

ZIP File: 360 Clip

The ZIP file contains a SLNK file and the Solink Windows Viewer Application:


This application allows you to view the 360 clip locally and/or offline in 360 mode:

Note: ZIP files are only available on Windows devices. You cannot download a ZIP file of your 360 clips on Mac devices.

MP4 File: 360 Clip

You can alternatively download an MP4 of your 360 video clip. You can view the clip in any supported video player and the clip is displayed in the default fisheye lens state (example shown in the GIF below):

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