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Apple TV Overview
Apple TV Overview
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The Solink Apple TV app provides you with more flexibility to monitor and review video footage from your business. Check out the video below to see how Solink integrates with Apple TV.

Note: For additional troubleshooting options, see the official Apple TV Support website.

Apple TV Setup

Setup for the Solink Apple TV app consists of downloading the app and logging in.

To download the app, search for Solink in the Apple TV App Store and download the app.

To log in, use the same user name and password that you use to log in to Solink on your web or mobile device.

Navigate the Menu

The main menu items in the Apple TV app consists of:

  • All Cameras: A list of your cameras across all locations as well as any camera groups, such as Recently Viewed and Favorites. Use this view to see and select any of your cameras while exploring from a single screen.

  • Groups: This is a filtered view of only your camera groups. Camera groups bring together cameras from across your locations into a single convenient spot. Learn how to create your own custom camera groups in this article.

  • Locations: View your cameras by location only.

  • Search: Search for a camera group, location, or camera by name.

  • Map View: Navigate your locations with a world map. Zoom in to pinpoint the exact location you want to watch.


Controls Overview

The Solink Apple TV app was designed to provide maximum flexibility when viewing your cameras using the Apple TV remote (Siri Remote), pictured below:


The following describes functionality of the Apple TV remote buttons:

  • Menu: Press this button to "go back" to the previous function/option.

  • Play/Pause: Play and pause recorded video.

  • Glass Touch Surface:Swipe up, down, left and right to cycle through Solink app options, camera list, groups, locations, etc. While in Live/Recorded video mode, swipe up or down to access the date picker, scroll through the video timeline and access other cameras.

Note: You can learn more about the different areas of the remote here. You can also use an iPad or iPhone to control the Apple TV if they are on the same network and have been set up accordingly. For more information, click here.

Select a Camera

To select a camera to watch, navigate between the menu tabs by swiping left and right on the Apple TV remote touchpad.

Once the desired tab is highlighted, swipe up and down to navigate between the different locations and groups. You can also use the search to quickly find a specific camera or location.

Within a location or group, swipe left and right on the touchpad to see more cameras.

View Video

You can view video by performing the following actions:

  • Live video: Select a camera to instantly navigate to Live mode.

  • Recorded video: Swipe up to access the calendar picker. Select a date to start watching recorded video. You will start watching from 12:00 PM on the day you select. Swipe down to scrub through the video and select the time you would like. To switch between cameras, swipe down three times until the camera selector appears. You can now pick from any of the cameras in your current location or group.

View Multiple Cameras

To view multiple cameras (multi-view):

  1. Long-press the touchpad (four seconds) while on a camera to open the player with four cameras simultaneously. The first four cameras in the location or group appears.

  2. Swipe down on the touch surface to display other cameras that you can select.

Note: You can only watch live video in multi-view.

Auto-Play Cameras

If you would like to set the cameras to automatically rotate to another camera every 10 seconds, select your camera(s) in Live mode and press the play and pause button simultaneously. A message should appear on the screen indicating that the cameras will automatically switch. A countdown appears in the bottom right corner to indicate time remaining until the next camera plays.


Map View of Locations

The map view in Solink Apple TV app provides a fast and effective way to navigate to any of your locations.

Each location is represented on the map with a pin.

When multiple locations are close by, these locations are shown with a single clustered pin, with the number of locations indicated on the pin.


To zoom in to a location on the map and view individual location pins, select a clustered pin area. To zoom back out, you can press the Menu button on your remote.


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