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View Event Footage

Select an event thumbnail to watch the associated footage.

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You can view video from an event by selecting the event thumbnail. Doing so opens a video player where you can watch video footage from the event. With the video player, you can scroll through transactions using the timeline at the bottom of the player, select other cameras, watch various segments and more.

This section provides a brief overview of how to use the video player to view events. If you would like to see a more comprehensive overview of the video player, check out the Video Player - User Interface Overview section.

The player also provides advanced features such as Motion Search and a Heatmap.

View Events in Video Player

To open the video player and view your events, click any thumbnail from the events page.


After you select the thumbnail for a particular event, the video player automatically starts playing the video footage associated with that event from the beginning of the clip. The video player continues to play through the events following the one you selected.

You can navigate through your events by following the instructions below:

View Events from List

You can navigate through your events using the list of events located on the left side of the player:

The list displays events based on where you navigated from. For example, if you clicked on a report, events in the list are based on the filter settings for that report. If you navigated from the Alarms page, events in the list display alarm events.

Each event displays a specific icon to indicate the event type:


Event Type

Transaction Event

Motion Event

Window Time/Drive-Thru Event

Video Alarm Event

Open Alarm Event

Bookmark Event

Select an event from the list to see more information, including the thumbnail, the time and date the event begins, and more options (select the three dots to save the clip, add notes, "favourite" the event and more):

To watch an event in the video player, select an event from the list, then click the event thumbnail:

View Events from Timeline

Events are also displayed chronologically at the bottom of the video player:

You can navigate between events by selecting the events from the bottom of the player. Events are represented as lines at the bottom of the player, based on duration, shown in the GIF below:

You can also use the video player buttons to navigate backwards and forwards.

View Event Receipts

You can toggle receipts to display on top of the video. Select the Player Options button (gear icon) in the bottom right of the video player, then ensure the Overlay Receipts slider is active:


For more information on Player Options, check out this article.

Play Events on Mobile App

For more information on viewing events on the Solink mobile app, see the following:

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