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Provide Temporary Video Access
Share Solink location access with a non-Solink user temporarily.
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With the Temporary Video Access feature, you can provide a non-Solink user with limited access to a location. This feature is useful as it can allow you to provide temporary video access to insurance agents or law enforcement.

Note: Any individual you provide temporary video access to will only have limited access to your location within Solink between a specified start and end date. The user will not have access to the full set of Solink features.

Enable Temporary Video Access

To share access to a location via Temporary Video Access:

  1. Navigate to the Video page.

  2. Select the more options icon (three dots) for one of your locations:


  3. Select the Share Access button:


  4. The Share Access window pops open. From this window, you can modify the following:

  • Expires At: The last day the guest can access the video. Access expires for the guest on that day and the same time you input the expiry date (for example, if you configure access to expire September 1 and the current time is 3 PM, access will expire for the guest at that date and time).

  • Video Access Starts: The first day the guest can access the video. By default, No Limit is selected - this means the video is automatically available to the guest when you share the link.

  • Access Recipients: Add email(s) to share the link via email. An example of the email that the recipient receives is pictured below:


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