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Video Player: User Interface Guide
Video Player: User Interface Guide
Learn how to navigate Solink's video player.
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The video player allows you to watch and navigate through video recorded by your cameras. You can use the video player to watch live video, but you can also jump to a previous time in the video using the built-in navigation tools.

The Solink video player is shown in the image below:

The following topics in this article provide an overview of how to use the video player.

Navigate Recorded Video

You can use the following actions and tools to navigate the video player:

Date Selection

Use the date selector at the top-left of the page to change the day and time of the video. You can toggle to a Live feed of the video as well:


Rewind and Fast Forward (Change Video Speed)

Select the rewind button to go backwards in the video and the fast forward button to move forwards in the video.

Each additional time you select these buttons, the speed increases, up to 16X speed:

Play, Skip and Frame Navigation

As with most video players, you can pause and play previously recorded video:

You can skip forwards and backwards in the video by 10 seconds at a time. This is possible while the video is paused or playing:

You can also skip between events. Select the Previous Event button to go back to the beginning of an event (if you are currently watching an event) or navigate to the previous event in the timeline:

Select the Next Event button to navigate to the next event in the timeline.

Pause the video if you want to navigate frame-by-frame through a clip. To go forwards or backwards frame by frame, pause the video to reveal the frame by frame buttons. These buttons allow you to navigate very slowly through the video if you want to see something that requires a closer review:


The MiniMap tool allows you to change the size of the timeline. Reduce the size of the MiniMap to zoom in on the timeline; increase the size of the MiniMap to zoom out on the timeline.

You can drag and drop the borders of the MiniMap tool to change the timeline scope, or zoom in and out with your mouse wheel while hovering over the timeline or MiniMap.

See the GIFs below for a demonstration on how the MiniMap tool affects the scope of the timeline:

Navigate Timeline Events

Events are displayed across the timeline as lines with varying colors (depending on the type of event). Each line represents the duration of the event in relation to the time displayed in the timeline. Click on any event anywhere along the line to navigate to a specific time in the event:

Video Player Tools

The video player features several helpful tools to help you navigate your video footage.

Motion Search

The Motion Search tool allows you to identify a key area of video and then search for any interaction within that area.


For an overview of how to use the Motion Search tool, click here.


The Heatmap tool allows you to see where motion occurs most frequently using traditional heatmap colors to display high-motion areas.


For an overview of how to use the Heatmap tool, click here.


Select the Snapshot button > Download to grab a screenshot of the camera you are currently viewing.


The image is downloaded to your computer (Downloads folder). The screenshot also displays a label with additional information to provide context.

Save Clip

You can save a clip from your one of your cameras or save an event clip. Once saved, the clip is stored on the Clips page in the Solink platform.


For an overview of how to save a clip, click here.

Camera Markers and Motion Zones

Motion events are generated when motion in a specified area - referred to as a motion zone - is detected by one of your cameras.

For an overview of motion zone configuration, click here.

Camera markers allow you to associate data to your video. For example, a restaurant could use camera markers to identify table numbers and connect transaction data associated with those tables to the camera. Markers are a complex feature and we recommend reaching out to Solink support at 1-888-335-9844 or using our live chat to discuss your business needs further to set up markers.


Player Options

You can access the Player Options from the bottom right of the video player:

From there, you can configure the following:

Overlay Receipts

The Overlay Receipts slider allows you to toggle whether receipts from your events display over the video.

Note: For more information on receipt overlays, see View Event Receipts.

Thumbnail Preview

The Thumbnail Preview slider determines whether video thumbnail previews appear when you hover over the timeline:

When the slider is active, thumbnails appear when you hover over a timeline event. When the slider is off, thumbnails do not appear on the timeline.

Limit Event Duration

Some users may come across long events that stretch across the timeline. If you want to "clean up" the timeline in this scenario, you can select the Limit Event Duration slider to reduce timeline clutter. Enabling this option reduces the displayed length in the timeline:

Enabling this option may hide parts of your events to reduce clutter. A tooltip may be visible at the bottom of the video player to indicate how many events are playing concurrently if some events a have been hidden from view. Click the tooltip to only display events in the list that are currently playing at the selected time:

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