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This article features all of our tutorial videos to help you better understand and use the Solink platform and its various features. Select a category below to see all of the associated tutorial videos.

Apple TV

Learn more about how you can use the Apple TV Solink app.

Apple TV Overview

Loss Prevention

Learn how to spot and prevent theft with Solink.

How to Spot Theft

How to Prevent Theft

Motion Search

Learn how to use Solink's Motion Search tool.

How to Use Motion Search

Notifications Setup

Learn how to set up and receive push, SMS and email notifications for each of your locations.

Receive Notifications from Your Locations


Learn about the various Solink features that can help you improve and maintain your business operations.

Ensure Physical Safety

Review Employee Performance

View All Your Locations from One Interface

Save Video Clips

Learn how to save video clips and share them with anyone.

How to Save and Share a Video Clip


Understand what you can do when a Solink recording device goes offline.

How to Troubleshoot Offline Recording Device

Video Alarms

Learn how to set up and configure Video Alarms.

How to Assign an Alarm Contact

How to Create an Alarm Schedule

How to Assign Guest Access

How to Configure Motion Zones

Video Monitor

Learn how to use Solink's Video Monitor device.

Video Monitor Overview

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