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November 2023: Olo Integration
November 2023: Olo Integration
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This past month, we partnered with Olo – a leader in restaurant order management systems – to leverage the Solink platform and integrate directly with your delivery order data.

Our Olo integration consolidates third-party delivery app transactions with Solink’s video footage, providing you with a full picture of what happens in your restaurant from the moment an order is placed, prepared, packaged and picked up.

Olo supports most of the most popular third-party delivery apps, including Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub.

With Solink and Olo, you can:

  • Put chargeback money back in your pocket. Use Solink’s combination of video footage and delivery data to dispute unnecessary chargebacks from third-party delivery companies and recover lost revenue.

  • Gain more insight into your delivery partnerships. Track total orders and revenue from delivery apps with easily viewable graphs and metrics on your Solink Dashboard.

  • Stay on top of canceled orders. By monitoring and addressing canceled orders, you can minimize lost revenue, understand root causes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Please reach out to us to subscribe to this feature and check out our Help Center for more information and support.

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