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Vehicle Wait Time Overview
Vehicle Wait Time Overview
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Vehicle Wait Time allows you to leverage your cameras, POS system and drive-thru sensors to monitor drive-thru data and service thresholds across all of your locations.

Vehicle Wait Time can help many different types of businesses track and use vehicle data, including:

  • Quick-service restaurants

  • Thrift stores (monitor vehicles dropping off/donating items)

  • Banks with drive-thru service

  • Oil change services (track total time vehicles spend at location)

  • Mechanic garages

For quick-service restaurants especially, you can:

  • See the total amount of time each vehicle spends at your drive-thru window.

  • Compare drive-thru performance throughout different periods of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

  • Use widgets to compare metrics across your locations.

  • Display dashboards for employees so that they can visualize drive-thru performance in relation to other locations.

  • Pinpoint areas of improvement through POS data.

  • Provide video evidence from new or existing cameras to back up assumptions.

How it Works

Solink analyzes video from an outdoor camera to calculate the amount of time each vehicle spends at the drive-thru window.

Once the vehicle moves out of view of the drive-thru camera, Solink creates an event (you can review the event on the Events page, see View and Filter Vehicle Wait Time Events for more information).

Each event displays the total "window time" - this represents the total amount of time that the vehicle captured in the event spent at the drive-thru window.

You can review individual window time via the event card or within the video player when watching the event:

Event Card

Video Player: Event Playback

See the following topics for more information on Vehicle Wait Time:

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