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Delete a Widget

Remove a widget from the Dashboard page.

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To delete a widget from the Dashboard page:

  1. Select the more options icon (three dots) next to the widget heading.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select Delete. Please note that you cannot undo this action.


Hide a Widget

You can a hide widget so that only you (or another person logged in to Solink with your email address) can view it.

It may also be helpful to hide a widget if you do not want to see it on the Dashboard page at the moment, but do not want to delete it. To hide a widget, select the more options icon (three dots) next to the widget title and select Hide:


To re-display a widget that has been hidden:

  1. Select All at the top of the page. This displays all widgets, including hidden widgets:


  2. Hidden widgets are displayed with a + icon. To re-display a hidden widget, click anywhere in the widget panel. The widget is viewable again as long as the + no longer appears:

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