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Filter events for better organization.

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You can filter events in a few different ways to help you find what you're looking for. See the topics below to learn more about how you can use the filter option on the Events page.

Filter the Events List

Select the filter icon above the events list to filter your events with various parameters:

  • Toggle the slider to filter the events list and the events displayed along the video player timeline. If you had searched for a specific term using the search bar on the Events page - for example, you typed "discounts" into the search bar, then navigated to the video player (by clicking on an event) - the slider allows you to filter only events that feature the word "discounts," or show all events.

  • Select one of the options from the Show events from list to filter the events list. For example, if you want the events list to only display events from the current location, select the Current location option.

View Filtered/Searched Events in Video Player

Searched events appear in the video player on the timeline in yellow. These are also referred to as Filtered events. For example, if you type "Discount" into the search bar on the events page, then navigate to the video player, all events with a "Discount" transaction appear on the timeline (this is shown in the image below, with these events appearing yellow):


Select the filter icon (near the bottom of the page or at the top of the events list) to toggle between displaying only filtered events or all events:


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