Configure People Counting Analytics

Learn how Solink people analytics can provide helpful data.

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Solink can integrate with select models of Axis and Hanwha cameras to enable People Counting - a feature that collects data by tracking how many people entered and left a location. The data obtained from Solink's People Counting integration can be useful for:

  • Allocating staff: Analyze traffic levels throughout the day to make educated staffing decisions for the future. Assign the correct number of employees per shift, decide when maintenance tasks (cleaning, service repairs) should take place, etc.

  • Understanding Location Performance: Alongside POS data integrations, review traffic and conversion data to see how stores are performing. With Solink's video capabilities, check what each location is doing to drive the numbers - right or wrong - and adjust the strategies accordingly.

  • Monitoring Offices, Warehouses and Stores: Review footage to see if there was human presence in any location where people counting is on.

Once People Counting data has been configured, you can configure and leverage the following Solink features to get further value:

  • Widgets: Configure widgets that display People Counting data, such as total number of visitors in a given period of time, total visitors per location and conversion rates. See People Counting Widgets for more information. The following image also provides an example of a People Counting widget - total visitors to a location per day:

  • Events: Automatically generate an event when someone enters or leaves a location. Or, set up regular conversion rate reports to get an hourly or daily summary of People Counting data. See People Counting Events for more information.

How to Enable People Counting

Please reach out to our Support team if you are interested in configuring People Counting integration with your cameras.

Please ensure you have Axis and/or Hanwha cameras as these camera brands are currently the only supported cameras for People Counting. Our team can help check for eligible models.

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