Search Bar on the Events Page

The search bar on the Events page allows you to find content within your events and/or filter your events based on search keywords and filters:

To start a search:

  1. Type something into the search bar;

  2. Select "contains" from the dropdown list to search for events that contain the word you typed in; or select "does not contain" to filter out events that contain the word you typed.

You can repeat this process to filter your search with multiple keywords:

Add Filter

Select the Add Filter button to refine your search using a list of predefined filters:

You can sort through the available filter categories using the dropdown menu:

There are currently three types of filter categories you can choose from:

  • Filters that require you to define a value (represented by the # icon):

  • Filters with predefined values (represented by the ab icon):

  • Date-specific filters associated with a calendar icon. See Search by Date and Time for more information on these filters.

Update Existing Filters

You can always make adjustments to the filters in your current search. To do so:

  1. Select the filter you want to update.

  2. Make any changes to the filter (select new options, change the value, etc).

  3. Select Update to apply the changes.

The GIF below provides an example of how to update a filter:

You can also select Clear All to clear all of your current filters and reset your search:

See the sections below for more specific ways you can use the search bar on the Events page to find what you're looking for.