HME Integration

Learn how to manage your HME system with Solink.

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This section provides information to help you manage your HME system with Solink.

Set or Reset HME Password

Please call the HME support line (1-800-848-4468) if you have never set an HME password or have forgotten your password.

You can also refer to the HME website for a video on how to set or reset your HME password.

Click the link here to access the Setting Passwords video:


Identify HME Equipment

Please refer to the HME Drive-Thru Equipment Identification Guide on the HME website to help identify your equipment.

External Communication Setup

To set up external communication (IP TCP connection setup), please refer to the HME guide here and navigate to the Advanced Settings - External Communication section on page 66.

Change Dynamic IP to Static IP

For instructions on changing the dynamic IP to static IP for HME Zoom timers, see the following guides:

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